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> Hi,
> I appreciate the effort by the Wikipedia club Pune.
> Please let me know if the idea for the summit was widely discussed in the
> community well in advance.

We have not seen any mails on any of the mailing lists addressing the
community to participate in the process of crystallizing the idea of
the event and any further decisions like venue selection, internships,
scholarships etc.

> Somehow I feel that such an event may dilute the importance of
> Wikiconference India event and may even confuse audience which is what.


> It will be good to know if the chapter was consulted on any national level
> event.

Chapter was not consulted in this case. Not even the community was
consulted. Community is the ultimate beneficiary from all such events
that ultimately helps all of us to improve Wikipedia. And reaching out
to them in such events is really necessary.

> Right now, the whole planning of the event seems arbitrary.

Can't comment on that. Will leave it to the organisors.

I must also state that the summit organisors have recently approached
chapter to nominate 3 representatives for organising committee.
However, it seems they are still reluctant to get/ask for community
participation by showing more openness and transperency through
mailing lists etc. Till that happens, handholding with the summit
organisors by the community/chapter to get things going further looks

For a successful event, I wish community asks for more pro-community
efforts in the organising of the event and the organisors come forward
for its compliance.

Chapter will always support any Wikimedia event that benefits the
community and directly/indirectly helps improve any Wikimedia


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