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On Wed, 12 Dec
2012 16:37:13 +0500, noopur wrote: 

> Dear all, 
> Metawings, an
organization that holds soft skills training workshops for students
across colleges in India has offered us a day to hold a _free _Wikipedia
workshop on 17th December at SRM University near Chenna. Over 60
students have registered so far. Here are the details of the event: 

> VENUE: SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus, Kanchipuram District,
Tamilnadu- 603203 
> DATE AND TIME: 1:30 pm - 1:30 pm, 17th Dec, 2012

> I will be conducting the workshop. Of course, everyone from the
community is welcome to join in! Please do reply with your suggestions
for the event. 
> After this workshop, I would be going over to IIT,
Madras to meet a bunch of students who have been editing and want to
informally meet up and see what they can do around Wikipedia in their
college. Yuvi would be joining me for both. 
> Thank you, 
> Best

> Noopur Raval, 
> Programme Officer, 
> Centre for Internet &
Society, Bangalore 

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