Hello everyone!

As part of growing a sustainable technical community around MediaWiki in
India, a new mailing list has been created. You can subscribe to it at


Looking forward to having more Mediawiki hackers from India!

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From: Yuvi Panda <yuvipa...@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 2:17 PM
Subject: Welcome to the MediaWiki India List!
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the mediawiki-india list! This list is simply a place for
like-minded folks from India working on MediaWiki/Wikimedia related code to
talk about whatever they're doing. A good level of event planning would
happen too, I think.

Post random ideas you run into.  Interesting tricks you've discovered. How
completely horrible some gadget in some wiki is. Or how you've hacked
mediawiki to be a storage engine for your public transport crowdsourcing
project. Or how you are just getting started and want help. Ask for help in
setting up a mediawiki instance for your company. For porting a gadget from
english wikipedia to your own language's wikipedia. For anything, really.

This is the first country-level technical mediawiki list, ever. We've no
idea how this is going to be used, so please do go wild :)

Happy hacking, everyone!

Yuvi Panda T
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