Hello Everyone,

This is Sucheta. I am an OPW intern at MediaWiki, based in Kolkata. The
newly formed Mozilla Community of Kolkata is organizing a 2 day ( Jan 5 -
Jan 6 ) event dedicated to Free and Open Source Software and various
Mozilla initiatives, where participants will get chance to interact with
professional developers and renowned FOSS activists as well as some Mozilla
Representatives from the Mozilla India Community. And they want to have a
MediaWiki part as well and had approached me for the same. I had approached
few people from MediaWiki and checked if they could come over. But
Santhosh, Yuvi Panda, and Harsh Kothari seem to be occupied at that
specific period of time, although they are ready to help remotely. So, I am
planning to do one small workshop on MediaWiki there, with 10-15 students
maybe. It would be great to have your support, and suggestions are welcome

Here is the event’s official  website:  http://moztiatbesu.co.nr/

I have been planning this workshop with Yuvi Panda and  Harsh Kothari and
here’s basically what we had in mind for the workshop:

   - Userscripts and Gadgets:

     'Lesson Plan':

   1. Environment (JS, Dev Toolbar, Common.js, importScript, mw.loader.load)
   2. Data (API, API Sandbox, actions)
   3. Accessing Data from the Environment (AJAX concepts, mw.API,

   - Introduction to IRC: People should get the idea of the amazing
   community out there! So, I thought IRC environment should get them that
   feel, and would also help them for future work. I am thinking of
   introducing them to the channel #mediawiki on freenode.

So, if you know people in Kolkata who would be interested in getting a
technical introduction to Mediawiki, please ask them to attend! Do forward
it to the relevant lists too!

Thanks for the support!

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