Dear all,

     On a casual request, I was prompted to support some of the tasks the
India Chapter and the India community would benefit together, and I decided
to take up the responsibility of creating profiles for the 'Featured
Wikimedian' section in the Wikimedia India Chapter
This section aims to showcase the achievements of active Wikimedians who
have contributed significantly to the Wikimedia projects in English and/or
Indian languages. The featured profile for January is that of Mr. Balachandran
G <> from
Malayalam Wikipedia.

 If you know an inspiring Wikimedian whose profile hasn't been featured
yet, do let me know! Please also go through the profile of the featured
Wikimedian of this month and send your suggestions and comments for
improving this section.

Happy new year!

User: Netha Hussain

Netha Hussain
Student of Medicine and Surgery
Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode
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