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> The same question could be asked of any collective with a Wikipedia
> related goal. However, it could also be asked if in the Wikiverse (which
> supremely thrives on the value of collaborative work), it is inappropriate
> or redundant to form new collaboratives (like MediaWiki group or other
> specific focus groups) that are outside the purview of chapters or the
> Foundation for that matter. My hunch is that the formation of such any
> formal/informal group of this nature is welcome as long as it does not
> enter into trademark conflicts with existing entities. However, it beats me
> why there would be a need to consolidate a new collective within a chapter
> if there is no apparent need indicated by the group itself.

Errr...this seems at odd what I have been following. If I were to summarize
what you are stating above, is that it's inappropriate and redundant to
form Mediawiki groups and other focused groups. You opinion is, as long as
it doesn't include trademark usage, who cares? which by the way would be
hard to justify since to have any sort of formal affiliation would have to
carry Wikimedia or Mediawiki in their title, and show their relationship to
have any legitimacy, which preserves the essence of representation of a
global brand, and through that, exposure to the existing entities using the
trademark , but I digress.

> I am just wondering whether the ideal approach would be to propose the
> nature of support that the chapter can extend in stead of wondering why the
> group has not been merged or started by/within chapter members. This would
> probably also mislead enthusiastic Indian Wikipedians who are not chapter
> members to understand that they must streamline all their activities with
> existing formal entities.


BTW will you be Cc'ing Quim on every response? :P
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