Hi Nee Davis,

I would like to seek clarification for the following:

1. Wiki-Panchayat is unnecessary.


Rationale: Keep four crabs in a box and each one will ensure that no one
will escape. Where there is a community there is bound to be a dispute.

Objective: Instituting a community based conflict resolution body,
especially to avoid edit wars. To be modelled on our good old Panchayt


First of all, I do not like the crab metaphor at all. The Wiki community is
a lot more collaborative and productive one assuming good faith. Edit war
is a minor problem which I hope every community is already addressing
adequately. If not, there are successful models to emulate from English

2. QJS can be seen as micromanaging.

Earlier this year, there was an attempt by some members of the Tamil
Wikipedia to do strategic planning for Tamil Wikipedia. But, concerns about
micromanaging were raised and the effort was dropped later. I am afraid
that QJS may receive a similar response.

3. Many of your plans assume presence of enough core contributors within
the state being able to spend ample time on offline activities. This is a
chicken and egg problem. How would you address that?

4. Any word of technology partnerships / endeavours regarding Indic
languages / Indic language Wikipedias?


//1) MOUs with Universities/Research Institutions; 2) Institute 5
Fellowships (quarterly) for Young Researcher in Residency Programme (YRRP)
in each focussed language area with 15 new articles and 100 edits in
respective language Wikipedia and 100 new key words as deliverables. 3)
Faculty Engagement Programme (FEP), 2 in each language for six-month
duration, whereby a faculty is provided support to mentor and manage at
least 5 Young Researchers on an Indian topic; 4) Wiki-Young Researchers

How will it be different from the India education program and how would you
avoid known pit falls?


//5 WCL to mentor at least 5 GWLs = A base of 150 leaders (i.e. 150
potential editors); 2) Each WCL to organize 1 Perspective Building
Programme (PBP) every week (avg 15 new members per event) = 750 PBPs; 3)
Each WCL to organize 1 Wiki-Outreach and Orientation event every month (avg
10 new members per event) = 300 Wiki-Orientations to reach 3000 members
(may result in 150 editors).//

The numbers are both ambitious and scary at the same time. I understand
that a role like yours would need to analyse progress based on numbers.
But, I would like to see the progress described in a qualitative way.


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