Thank you for your contributions to the chapter, Anirudh. And welcome Bala. I'm 
sure you'll add tremendous value to the EC. :)

- Sundar

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>Subject: Re: [WMIN-Members] Wikimedia India Chapter Anniversary
>Hi  Sudhanwa,
>Thanks for the update.  I too  thank  Anirudh for his contributions and wish 
>him well. I  congratulate Bala on joining the EC and  wish the all new 
>EC(meaning non founder member EC) all the best in nurturing Chapter.
>2013/1/3 Sudhanwa Jogalekar <>
>Dear Wikipedians,
>>The Wikimedia India Chapter was registered with the Karnataka
>>Registrar of societies on 3 January 2011. We celebrate our second
>>anniversary today :)
>>Initially, the Chapter Executive Committee consisted of seven founder
>>members. Over time, six of these founder members departed from the
>>board after each of them made significant and invaluable
>>contributions. The Executive Committee now bids goodbye to the seventh
>>founder member, Anirudh Singh Bhati. The Executive Committee expresses
>>its deep gratitude towards Anirudh for his wonderful contributions
>>that have helped build the chapter. He becomes the first person to
>>complete an entire term on the Executive Committee of Wikimedia India.
>>We wish him well in all his future ambitions and hope he remains
>>connected to the movement in some form.
>>The Executive Committee has unanimously resolved to fill the vacancy
>>created by Anirudh’s departure by co-opting Bala Jeyaraman. Bala is a
>>distinguished Wikipedian who has been active on English and Tamil
>>Wikipedia’s, being an administrator on the latter and was one of the
>>organisers of the recently held Tamil Wiki Photo Contest. He will hold
>>office until the next general body meeting which would need to approve
>>his appointment.
>>Another important step being taken by the chapter is our first
>>fundraising appeal, which will be announced shortly. A lot of people
>>may ask why the chapter needs a fundraiser when it has access to WMF
>>funding. The answer is, we are still ineligible for FDC (we hope to be
>>eligible for the second round of funding in 2013) and would need to
>>rely on grants, spending of which is restricted by the WMF. Since
>>formation, the chapter has relied heavily on the Executive Committee
>>to take on the burden of running the show. In an ideal world, the EC
>>would like to take on the role of guiding the chapter rather than
>>actually be responsible for operations after two years of
>>incorporation, which should be best done by professionals rather than
>>volunteers in their spare time.
>>The chapter has hired an employee (Sowmyan Trimurti, our Executive
>>Manager) as well as plans to lease its own office premises in
>>Bangalore. For this, we will soon be sharing a plan and will request
>>the community for suggestions on the plan. We will also need the help
>>of those volunteers who are in a position to support us. It could be a
>>small individual donation or in the form of a corporate donation from
>>an institution. A small token of support from you could go a long way
>>in helping us achieving our goals of furthering the movement in India.
>>Apart from this, we encourage the community at large to engage with
>>the chapter and request our support wherever necessary without
>>hesitation for community activities. The chapter has been formed for
>>the benefit of the community and we will always try our best to live
>>up to the community’s expectations.
>>Warm regards,
>>-Sudhanwa Jogalekar
>>President, WMIN
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