1. Bringing Konkani Encyclopedia in Public Domain

A meeting was scheduled with the Vice Chancellor Dr. Satish R Shetye to discuss 
the possibility of bringing Konkani Encyclopedia in public domain. As for now 
the four volume Konkani Encyclopedia is under copyright of University of Goa. 
Dr. Shetye has gifted one whole set of Konkani Encyclopedia to CIS and is 
interested to relinquish the copyright to release it under creative common 
license and digitize it on Wikipedia. In the coming weeks we'll be working 
closely with Dr. Shetye and his team to digitize this free encyclopedia on 

Special thanks to Goa State Library, Goa University, Dr. Shetye, Prof. Alito 
Siqueira, Prof. Gopakumar for such a wonderful gift. And a big thanks to 
Harriet Vidyasagar and Debanjan and all those who helped to pull this through. 


2&3. Two Days Wikipedia workshop at Goa University
A two day Wikipedia session was organized for MA, research and PhD students at 
Goa University on the 12th and 13th Dec 2012.  

A special thanks to Prof. Alito Siqueira from Department of Sociology Goa 
University, Harriet Vidyasagar from OLPC, Prof. Gopakumar from Goa University, 
Debanjan and Frederick from Wikipedia community and CIS team for making this 
workshop a huge success. All efforts invested in discussions and planning the 
workshop over multiple mail trails, conference calls, one-on-one calls paid off 
extremely well. Over 35 participants attended the two day workshop and 
throughly enjoyed the sessions.

Most of the participants had already created their usernames before the 1st 
session, as it was instructed to them earlier, though there were some 
participants who created their user accounts during the session. Despite 
creating a ticket for releasing the IP from 7 accounts creation limit we ran 
into an IP block. This was the second time we encountered such a problem and 
we'll be looking closely into this matter for smooth operations going forward.

It was pre-decided by the organisers that the 1st session will be theoretical 
while the 2nd session will be a complete hands-on-traning session. Hence the 
1st session started with general introduction about Wikipedia, 5 pillars, how 
Wikipedia works, brief about Wikipedia community, state of Wikipedia in India 
etc. The following day participants pre-selected articles that they wanted to 
edit during the course of the 2nd session. They were taught how to do minor 
edits, add edit summary, add references, understand view history and page 
statistics, importance of article and user talk pages. 

The 2 day long workshop came to an end with a meeting organised by all the 
participants to decide what should be their next steps. The workshop created a 
lot of enthusiasm in the participants and they were already thinking how 
individual students, researchers and professors will be building up pages on 
Wikipedia, one page at a time. They also showed keen interest to understand how 
monthly meet ups are organised in other cities so that they could also organise 
meet ups in Goa starting 2013 (the proposed date as for now is 16th Jan 2013 -  
also to celebrate Wikipedia's anniversary).

The feedback received from the participants was extremely positive. In the 
meanwhile there have been some discussion about forthcoming workshops - we have 
already received inquires from 5 more institutes to organise similar events in 
Goa. It seems like the initial seeds have been sown for a flourishing Wikipedia 
community in Goa.

4. Konkani in Wikipedia incubator - Taking it to the next level

An introductory session was organised in the Konkani Department at Goa 
University on the 12th Dec 2012. The Konkani staff and students were 
exhilarated to learn about Konkani in Wikipedia incubation. They have shown 
keen interest to kick start this project and get the translations done in any 
or all scripts - Devanagari, Roman, Kannada, Malayalam and Perso-Arabic for 
Konkani Wikipedia. 

We've been in touch with the Director of Konkani Department, Madhavi Sardesai 
and we are currently discussing the possibility of organising a follow up 
meeting in Jan/Feb 2013. In the meanwhile, User:Fredericknoronha, one of the 
Wikimedia Incubator members contributing to Konkani Wikipedia, has been helping 
us get in touch with more Konkani writers and organising a common meeting 
sometime in early 2013 to take this project to the next level. To begin with, 
if we can just get the translations done a lot of things will fall in place and 
will also help build confidence too.  

Some useful links

Konkani in Wikipedia incubator

Some pages contributed already - much work needs to be done to improve quality

List of tasks as viewed by volunteers

An example of a well-translated article, on the "Pinto's Revolt" by Isidore 

Picture 1: 
Picture 2: 

5. Promoting GLAM in Goa

We organised an introductory GLAM session at Goa State Central Library on the 
13th Dec 2012. It was well attended by about 45 interested people coming from 
over 10 different GLAM institutes in Goa. Nitika from CIS and Debanjan from 
Pune community led the session about Wikipedia and GLAM activities that have 
been undertaken by our global community since 2010. The talk instilled a lot of 
enthusiasm in librarians and curators in Goa to start similar programs in their 
associated institutes. 

Some of the institutes attending the session were - Museum of Christian Art, 
Goa Chitra, Bookworm Library, K.S. Goa State Library, GTL Bicholini, DFLG 
District Library. Participants had lot of interesting questions about starting 
GLAM projects in English/Marathi/Konkani, starting point of the project, 
logistical/financial support required to run a GLAM project etc. 

To begin with we'll be meeting Victor Hugos Gomes from Goa Chitra who has shown 
keen interest to start a GLAM project. Goa Chitra showcases the rich tradition 
of implements, tools, arts and crafts. Goa Chitra has archived Goa's cultural 
heritage through documents, books, photographs, handcrafts, electronic 
recordings, costumes, musical instruments, artifacts. In the coming weeks we'll 
be following up with Goa Chitra and more institutions to figure out the 
possibility of starting new projects in 2013.

Here's an audio recording of the entire event:

Picture 1: 
Picture 2: 

6. Wikipedia event at St. Xavier's College, Goa
A three hour workshop was organised in the morning of 14th Dec 2012 at St. 
Xavier's College, Goa. Over 30 participants attended the session. The workshop 
started with a short introductory presentation followed by learning how to edit 
Wikipedia. Since there were lesser number of computers participants were 
divided in groups of 2 or 3 maximum. Each group made at least 3 edits with the 
help of volunteers present in the room. A follow up session will be organised 
in Jan/Feb 2013 to organise an edit-a-thon for all the interested and 
enthusiastic participants. 

A special thanks to everyone who helped organising this event - Harriet 
Vidyasagar, Frederick, Debanjan - all from Wikipedia family and Nitin 
Volvoikar, Head of Journalism from St. Xavier's. 

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