I was browsing through
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wikipediasand found the number
of admin users across Indic Wikipedias very low.

Hindi has only 4, followed by Bengali and Marathi with 10 and Telugu and
Malayalam with 18.

If you discount the inactive admin users, the count can be very low to
maintain the quality.

In Tamil Wikipedia, we make sure to run admin elections regularly. We
choose around 4 admins every year and don't hesitate to nominate promising
newcomers. This helps to share work load, give a break for wikiholics and
provide a sense of belonging for the whole community. In the beginning
days, most of the founding members got admin access within few weeks of
meaningful contribution and this good will has never failed.

Unless there are other compelling reasons for this low count of admin
users, I urge every community to nominate / self-nominate good contributors
and make them admins.

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