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> I guess it is possible to extend membership criteria for foreign nationals
> as well youngsters below 18 years. I know NGO's from Bangalore which accept
> memberships from foreign delegates.

Abhishek - could you please let us know which NGOs in Bangalore,
registered as Societies in the last couple of years, have membership
for those below 18 and for foreign nationals, please? It will be very
useful for WMIN when they decide to make their case to the Registrar?
Having been part of the team that registered the Society, I can
clarify that these restrictions were not WMIN's but the Registrar of

As for your latter point on "'Is it adult censored organization?' -
one could ask whether voting in this country is an 'Is it adult
censored organization?'

Lastly, The Wikipedia Club Pune isn't, AFAIK, an organisation as much
as it is a collective of individuals and a Facebook page. There is a
difference, in law, between that and a Society - such as WMIN.

> Can we expect -  new Membership (April-2013 to March 2014) will be available
> to everyone by crossing age and nationality barrier? :)

It is highly unlikely that the Registrar, should he give his approval,
will be able to take a decision on this in such a compressed time

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