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> The former Indian Wikimedia office was burnt out precisely because of this
> negative approach from the community.

Can you  explain this ? I found this is a baseless  allegation

In my observation following 2 major  factors  resulted in the  failure
India program and restructuring/ handing over project to CIS .

1. Failure of Pune Pilot  (There was no role for community in this
process . It was gigantic , There was not enough Wikipedia exposure
for consultants.  Program  plan failed in addressing copyvios , windup
/stopping plan of pune pilot was not well planned and communicated
like "do not edit wikipedia anymore")

2. Unwanted time and efforts on building a third entity "Wikimedia
India Program Trust" on a legal safe distance  from Wikimedia
foundation and wikimedia chapter . Now this is dumped.

Please substantiate your allegations on community else withdraw it .

~ regards

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