Congratulations  Vishnu and Tejaswini on your new roles.

All the best  for the A2K team in growing Wikimedia in India.


2013/2/8 Vishnu t <>

> Dear Pradeep,
> If I may come-in on this.
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>>   Hi,
>> Thank you for the update, Noopur.
>> Could you or someone elaborate on the hiring of Tejaswini Niranjana,
>> please?
> I assume you are asking about the rational behind hiring Dr. Tejaswini
> Niranjana as a Consultant Adviser to the A2K team. As many of you on the
> list may not know, Tejaswini was one of the potential applicants for the
> position the Programme Director, Access to Knowledge. She had even made it
> to the short-list of candidates who were interviewed. In fact her interview
> happened the same day as mine at CIS. However, the interview panel felt
> that she is too senior and over qualified for the position, but wanted to
> keep her associated with the Wiki-movement in India. Then the interview
> panel suggested that we look at taking her as an Consultant Adviser. CIS
> (i.e. Sunil) went back to the WMF about this recommendation by the
> interview panel and the WMF accepted it, as uniformly it was felt that she
> would add tremendous value to the Wiki-movement in India.
> I personally think that Tejaswini brings with her wealth of experience and
> professional expertise of working in the sector of Indian Languages in
> Higher Education. In addition to this she has multiple research
> institutional contacts and networks, which will potentially add value to
> the Indian Language Wikipedias and contribute to the expansion of editors
> and content. I was told that she has already played an instrumental role in
> facilitating two outreach workshops to researchers and college students in
> Mumbai and Ahmadnagar, to which some of our Wikipedians friends have gone.
> I think we should all concur with the strategic decision taken by the
> interview panel, which I am quite sure will benefit us and the movement.
> You can find her brief profile 
> here<>
> .
> Please join me in welcoming Dr. Tejaswini Niranjana to the Wiki-movement
> in India. I have taken the liberty to coy her on this mail.
> Best regards,
> Vishnu
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