I fully agree with Vicram and others who feel its only fair that we give
the new organisation a chance to do good and succeed.

Dhaval & Aravind, you are both right & wrong. You are right that large
parts of the India Program's strategic decisions went wrong and should bear
the major blame for the organisation's failure, but it is equally true in
the debate which followed, no matter how justifiable, a lot of negative
energy entered the atmosphere, making things difficult and disheartening
for anyone who wanted to work sincerely. I'm sure I must contributed some
of that negative energy myself too. So without trying to blame anyone, what
Ravi said was essentially true also.

But let us not allow the sad failure of India Program to deny us the new
hope! Let us hope this program with new people heading it, lead to new
opportunities, new challenges and new successes!

Lastly, I would request the new A2K Program people to ignore the tone of
some of the messages and instead concentrate on the kernel of truth that
some of these messages concern -

   - that the community is suspicious of programs where not enough
   Wikimedians/people who are editors have been employed or made part of the
   process. The Wikimedian community is uber sensitive to non-Wikimedians
    coming in with their initiatives and good intentions, no matter how
   genuine. Sometimes, we Wikimedians tend to throw the baby out with the
   bath-water. Cant help it, once burnt, twice shy.
   - that while a part of the Wikimedian community is right now in support
   of A2K just based on pure faith, the A2K can build up that support base of
   the remaining community enormously by engaging the community and its
   concerns and by a solid track record of work done and promises fulfilled.
   - that many Wikimedians are protective of the Chapter and feel that it
   has been neglected or treated badly by the WMF. We need the A2K to build a
   healthy, complementary relationship with the Chapter - not a competitive
   one. We need the A2K to have a close fit with the Chapter, taking up
   initiatives where Chapter and its volunteers find it difficult to succeed,
   and avoiding the space meant for normal wikimedians.
   - Though the grant to A2K is from the WMF, the Wikimedian Community
   feels it is the judge and jury as to deciding whether the money has been
   spent well or frivolously. Lots of honest communication is required all the
   time. Remember that WMF grants are not the Foundation's money, but
   donations by tens of thousands of the supporters of the movement all over
   the world.

On my part, I pledge my cooperation to A2K, as I have done to the Chapter,
and to India Program in the past.

Lastly, I request my fellow Wikimedians that any further queries to A2K may
be started on a new thread and in neutrally phrased language so that the
A2K gets a fair chance.

Happy editting all!

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