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> There are 2 separate issues here . Please address them seperately
> 1. Blaming community for the organizational management failures of WMF
> India program
>  (read Ravi once gain  : "Indian Wikimedia office was burnt out precisely
> because of this negative approach from the community." , and a WMF Board
> member giving +100 to that) .  When you are working on an accountable
> position in front of a community there will be questions and critiques
> always. This is a usual phenomenon . Blaming the community for the
> organizational failures of WMF India team is not the solution for that .
> Ravisankar and Bishakha have a moral responsibility to explain this
> critique, since this is different from whatever WMF told us so far . I hope
> they will respond  and close this thread
> Dear Anivar,

I took your comment seriously and went back and re-read Ravi's comment -
and I continue to agree with what he says. Nowhere does he (or I) hold the
community responsible for the failures of the India program. I cannot
understand how this conclusion can be arrived at or derived from those

Over the last two years, community members, including those from the wider
wikipedia communities, have on many instances rightly pointed out things
that were going wrong with the program. That's not the issue here.
Constructive feedback is always needed and always welcomed.

But we also know - and need to acknowledge - that the community has not
always been constructive in its feedback. It is well known that not just
members of the India program team, but volunteers from India have
themselves felt burnt out and unfairly targeted by the atmosphere of
suspicion and the level of politics.

With new leadership in place at the A2K program team following a rigorous
selection process, there is a chance to make somewhat of a fresh start. The
newly-led team has yet to start work and cannot be held responsible for the
lapses of the past. What it needs is a level playing field to start
working. Without this, it cannot possibly succeed, no matter how solid its
intentions are, no matter how capable it may be, no matter how much effort
it puts into working in an inclusive, transparent and peer-like manner with
the larger community.

Given this, I would ask that you and everyone on their list do their bit to
build a level playing field, and ensure that the newly-led team is given a
fair chance to prove its mettle or earn its stripes, in an atmosphere that
is free of suspicion and pre-judgement.

Dwelling on the past and nitpicking on inessentials is not going to get us
there - but making concrete suggestions for the future might. Once again, I
would urge anyone who has specific suggestions for the new A2K team to
publicly share them so that these can be seriously considered. This would
help create the level playing field that is so badly needed now.

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