Hello Wikipedians,

A new way to contribute to Samskrit is here!!!! The Samskrit Wikiquote is
officially open for contributions. Thanks to all the people who  have
striven hard to make it count.

The webpage can be found at *sa.wikiquote.org* <http://sa.wikiquote.org>

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It is with immense pleasure, I wish to announce that Samskrit Wikiquote
project  ( *विकिसूक्तिः*) is out of Incubator and is available as an open
source project like Wikipedia now. It was in a dormant stage with very
limited editing options and visibility since its inception.

We had started our efforts towards this in August 2012, persuading
Wikipedia Language Committee. Over 7000 system messages were translated to
samskrit, some 800 articles of useful content related to this project were
created and uploaded, which were some of the requirements to approve new
projects.Thanks to dedicated Wikipedians like Shiju Alex, that today we
have the project out of incubator, which means, this project would be
readily available for everyone to edit and use now on.

The project is a store house of Subhashitas extracted from different
scriptures like Veda, Upanishat Puraana, RamayaNa, Mahabharatam etc,
categorised based on the topics with explanations. Also, it contains the
idioms and phrases, witty puzzles, sayings of great people, Chitrakaavyam
etc, everything in Samskrit. It is to be noted that all these, in a single
webpage is not available anywhere else in such an easily available form. We
have about 1260 pages under various categories, for a ready review at *sa.

I request everyone to visit once for guidance, comments or contributions...

Once again, Congratulations to one and all who have been instrumental in
crossing this milestone...

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Dr Sumana
Wikipedia Wing, Samskrita Bharati
98807 93423

Thanks & Regards,
Abhiram C,
Wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org> Editor,
User: sbblr0803 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Sbblr0803>
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