* One meaning of burnt out:

"exhausted as a result of longtime stress"

Refer: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/burnt-out

Not only the people who have worked for former Wikimedia India office, but
many from the chapter, people who have worked for the last Wiki Conference
India are tired. Some have unsubscribed from this mailing list to stay away
from politics.

*We need to ask the right questions, provide constructive feedback and dare
to oppose when something impacts the community negatively. But, after all
these if we are not able to work together, our approach is certainly wrong
and negative. *

Two examples:

- Tamil Wikipedia was highly critical of the Google translation project but
it was also the only community that worked together with them to make the
pilot better. The best practices learned were  later found useful for the
Arabic Wikipedia community.

-  Tamil Wikipedia and Malayalam Wikipedia chose to opt out of the web
fonts implementation. Some of us even gave the harshest criticism. But, we
were also the only guys who were helping to identify bugs and squash them
with the help of WMF teach team.

* I am as much a part of the community as some others are.


The Indian community need not have a unanimous opinion on all issues. I
have the right to express my opinion. I stand by what I said and don't owe
an apology to anyone :)

Let some of us stop pretending to be the saviors of doing everything right
about Wikipedia in India. All this talk of money getting diverted to CIS is
*^%$. There is lot of ground work that needs to be done which money alone
can't do. Are we doing that yet?

There are language communities working on their own Wikipedias. There is
Wikimedia India chapter which is trying to do organizational work for the
whole of India. If you are not part of either, I wonder who you are? If you
are concerned about a third entity like CIS in India, may I ask what is
this fourth unnamed and informal entity which doesn't come under any of
these avenues? Stop trying to hijack the community. A good part of the
community is silently doing productive work outside this mailing list.

For all those asking for proof, references and citations:

*May I ask that you provide a disclaimer that you never applied for any of
the posts in former Wikimedia India office and current A2K program?*

Being an editor in Wikipedia and knowing the community is a plus for anyone
working in these offices. But, it is common sense that not all the posts in
these office can be run by Wikipedians alone. Even if most of the work can
be done by Wikipedians in the chapter, it still needs professionals with
various other skills and experience to do holistic work. This is how any
professional organization can be run. It is the job of the interview board
to find suitable candidates in this context. The very fact that the hiring
process was delayed is an indication that they took all efforts to find the
right people within reach. I am happy with the credentials of the people in
the new team. It is only fair that we welcome them, try ways to work
together with them,  evaluate the progress later, find lessons and keep

* If you are not happy with the way WMF spends money, stop donating. I
stopped two years before. You can even start a "Don't donate" campaign so
that WMF  will take the effort to analyze its operation. Join the grant
reviewing committee and help WMF spend it's money better. If WMF is
bypassing the grants committee, question it through proper channels.
Harassing an organization which got a grant and is yet to start work is not
the right way.

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