Hi All,

I would like to share a news with you. Recently Narmadanagar Community
Science Centre, Bharuch, Gujarat organised a science fair for the schools
of Bharuch District. Three of our active Gujarati Wiki community members
participated in the science fair and demonstrate to the teachers and school
children how Gujarati Wikipedia and Wikisource could be utilised by them.
These three users are Satishchandra, Devendrasinh Gohil and Jayam Patel.
Satishchandra is one of the wikimedians recognised for his noteworthy
contributions last year by WMIN.

They participated in the science fair without any external help, and
without any publicity. They talked to shool teachers and students about
what is Wikipedia and wikisource, how can they contribute, how to type in
Gujarati, how wikipedia and wikisource could be useful to them, etc. Also,
they brifed them lightly about the principles of wikis and showed them few
pages as well to provide hands-on experience.

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