Dear Mam,

I understand & appreciate the depth of thought process and inputs put behind
this question about use of words "*Indian*" or "*Indic*". I'm very much
convinced since all the languages we are considering belong to different
classes and categories, geographically and origin wise too, and needs to be
labeled under a common name!

But if we consider the label Indian languages, which specifies the origin
and use of the same in India, there are many languages which are
predominantly used not only in India but also in the other surrounding
counties eg. Bangla (Indic Language, Indo-Aryan) which is used in India,
Bangladesh & Burma.
And many other Dravidian Languages which are thought to be specifically
South Indian languages are used in neighboring eastern countries like
Pakistan too.

This question will arise every time when we have to specify "Indian
Language" or "Indic Languages" for any given reason.

How about the combination of names of both different language families so
that the language set wont be distributed with respect to the current
territorial boundaries but with regards to their origin and a proper
classification depending upon the origin/birth. viz "*Indic - Dravidian

This was my personal view over the query, you can always correct me if I'm

Regards & Thanks,

Niraj Suryawanshi
on behalf of Wikipedia Club Pune
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