Thank you very much for your kind reply Vishnu,

Yes, outreach programs at schools has always been on our agenda. I know
Shushant has passion for it. We are celebrating Gujarati Wikisource's first
anniversary very soon (official announcement will be sent out), which has
been planned at an  educational institute.

We, as a community, have discussed this path a few times in our monthly web
meetings that I hold every first Sunday of month. We'll discuss it within
community once again and get back to you off the list, keeping interested
parties in loop.

Thanks once again for your kind words and appreciation for Satishchamdra
and his team.

Best Regards,
On 11 Feb 2013 03:49, "Vishnu t" <> wrote:

> Dear Dhaval,
> Thank you for sharing this. Excellent work Satishchandra, Devendrasinh
> Gohil and Jayam Patel. Mainly because the way in which you have dovetailed
> the Gujarati Wiki outreach event at the primary education level. I feel
> this is a useful and more organic model of doing Education programmes. I
> think there is a larger shared interest among the Gujarati Wikipedian
> friends about Wiki-Education programme, as I heard Sushant Salva also
> extensively talking about this.
> Dhaval, would you and other Gujarati Wikipedian friends want to consider
> developing a model of doing Wiki-Education programme. By this I mean going
> deeper and critically reflecting, documenting on the challenges and
> learnings, etc. If yes, we can bring in some critical inputs by experts in
> the Elementary education sector and facilitate the process. And also in
> making all your efforts result in larger and sustained results. Please do
> discuss with friends and get back either on or off the list - Warmly, Vishnu
> If I may, it is important that there is more cross reporting of the work
> being done by various Wikipedians across Indian languages. There is not
> much news about the passionate work being done by many of our friends.
> While we will work in bringing back Wiki Patrika, I feel it is very useful
> to have posts on this list which can act as a source of cross-pollination
> of ideas, collaborations and projects. Any ideas and suggestions on this
> would be Welcome.
> Best,
> Vishnu
> On 11 February 2013 04:28, Dhaval S. Vyas <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I would like to share a news with you. Recently Narmadanagar Community
>> Science Centre, Bharuch, Gujarat organised a science fair for the schools
>> of Bharuch District. Three of our active Gujarati Wiki community members
>> participated in the science fair and demonstrate to the teachers and school
>> children how Gujarati Wikipedia and Wikisource could be utilised by them.
>> These three users are Satishchandra, Devendrasinh Gohil and Jayam Patel.
>> Satishchandra is one of the wikimedians recognised for his noteworthy
>> contributions last year by WMIN.
>> They participated in the science fair without any external help, and
>> without any publicity. They talked to shool teachers and students about
>> what is Wikipedia and wikisource, how can they contribute, how to type in
>> Gujarati, how wikipedia and wikisource could be useful to them, etc. Also,
>> they brifed them lightly about the principles of wikis and showed them few
>> pages as well to provide hands-on experience.
>> Regards,
>> Dhaval
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