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On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 8:45 PM, Theo10011 <> wrote:
> 2) The hiring process wasn't nearly as neutral as you are suggesting. From
> what I know CIS didn't have 1 in 5 vote, it first picked who got selected
> for the first round to even have a vote, and I am told that qualified
> candidates were eliminated outright by Jadine in the first week before they
> were put up for any vote.

This is indeed a serious concern. I can think of one way of
determining whether CIS [Jadine and I made those decisions jointly
after some background checks regarding the ethical fibre for the
candidates] has indeed eliminated qualified candidates. Could you send
me or the members of the recruitment committee directly a list of such
candidates? I will then organise a con-call of the recruitment
committee without me participating and one of them will post to the
list with their final verdict on whether those candidates should have
made the short list. If indeed such mistake has been committed by CIS
- I will personally publish a public apology on the CIS website which
will feature in our monthly bulletin which in turn reaches 4k people
and will also be fwded to this mailing list.

Best wishes,


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