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On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 6:52 PM, Rudolph the Rd Nosed Reindeer
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> Interesting isn't it? That one should have timed that A2K bulletin to come
> out exactly when the Chapter is having a fundraiser and leave people like
> the good Doctor here confused about all this? Seems a bit deliberately done,
> don't you think?

We have been publishing the monthly bulletin since the beginning of
the grant period. On most months Noopur has fwded the bulletin to this
mailing list.
1. September 2012:
2. October 2012:
-> We made a mistake and did not make a mention of the size of the
grant in this edition.
3. November 2012:
4. We seem to have missed out on distributing the December bulletin to
this mailing list.
5. January 2013:

We will continue to publish the bulletin on a monthly basis. Do tell
us how we can improve the format and content of this newsletter.

Best wishes,


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