On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Gautam John <gau...@prathambooks.org>wrote:

> On 14 February 2013 19:15, Theo10011 <de10...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Perhaps you didn't read the clarification where Achal did serve on their
> > board till September of 2011, he does happen to still be a member of the
> > registered society who is still consulted by CIS. Perhaps you can read
> again
> > below and clarify what you are characterizing as "baked assertion on
> facts".
> You didn't send that email in September of 2011 or prior to that. You
> sent it in February of 2013 - when Achal no longer serves on the
> board. Nor is he listed on the page Sunil referenced. And it's "half
> baked". I do wish you'd be more careful in your reading.

If you read again, I questioned, denoted by a question mark -  if achal
*still* serves on their board and if there was still an association. I
asked still, because I knew he did at one point and I don't follow either
of them.

I asked Sunil directly instead of forming conjectures and basing

> Quick to make assertions and slow to offer corrections. You truly are
> a joy Theo.
What assertions? He *did* serve on their board, he just quit some time ago.
I don't follow achal or CIS's internal structure.

You are getting awfully defensive here for achal, for asking a
direct question if Achal was still on their board or not. The answer was,
Yes, he was on our board but not any longer, though we do consult
occasionally - Apparently, that is all baseless by your standards.

What correction should I offer for asking that question?

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