On 14 February 2013 19:31, Theo10011 <de10...@gmail.com> wrote:

> If you read again, I questioned, denoted by a question mark -  if achal
> *still* serves on their board and if there was still an association. I asked
> still, because I knew he did at one point and I don't follow either of them.

Which is why I said "Your caveats notwithstanding."

> What assertions? He *did* serve on their board, he just quit some time ago.
> I don't follow achal or CIS's internal structure.

"As far as I know achal still serves on your board?" or "Does Achal
still serve on your board?". Weasel wording will take you places.

> You are getting awfully defensive here for achal, for asking a direct
> question if Achal was still on their board or not.

Oooh! Look! A red herring!

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