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fyi, since you don't seem to have the time to regularly follow Wikimedia
activities in India, many Wikimedians took part in the global Wikimedia
Loves Monuments event, without any funding offers, with terrific results
(that's a bonus, the participation was the prize). If you have ideas for
some other kind of event, without necessarily copycatting Ukraine, please
do come forward.

PS what is a rd nose? Don't bother to reply, unless it is in abbrvtns, I
don't need to hit the delete button so often.

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> India Chapter should organize one like this.
> Oh wait, you need cash first.
> Sorry.
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> FYI,
> Wikimedia Ukraine is initiating a new photo contest – “Wiki Loves Earth”,
> its goal being collecting pictures of Ukraine Natural Heritage sites and
> Landscape and Ornamental Gardening objects for illustrating articles in the
> worldwide free Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia.
> Everybody can take part in the competition. A registration on Wikimedia
> Commons (one of many Wikipedia sister projects) is required. You are to
> find in the list of natural heritage objects the ones you know of, take a
> picture of them yourself (it could be done anytime, previously or starting
> now) and upload them to Commons (during April 15 – May 15, 2013). The
> authors of the best pictures will be awarded with prizes. The results
> announcement and the awarding ceremony will be held in Kyiv, on June 5,
> 2013, on the World Environment Day.
> The Organizational Committee has already started preparation work on the
> competition list, and almost 8 000 of entries are to be included there.
> Nature reserves, landscape parks, protected areas, natural heritage sites,
> botanical (dendrological), zoological gardens and parks, and ornamenting
> gardening objects will be in the list.
> Yuri Perohanych, Wikimedia Ukraine Executive Director, said that this
> photo contest will draw the society’s attention to the existing problems of
> Ukraine natural heritage protection, and the contest itself is to show the
> perspectives of green/eco tourism in Ukraine.
> As Yevhen Buket, the contest coordinator, pointed out, the idea to
> initiate such a competition has arisen after conducting a successful
> international photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments in Ukraine this September.
> The goal of the contest was collecting pictures of cultural heritage
> monuments of Ukraine.
> Wikimedia Ukraine invited Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of
> Ukraine, environmental organizations, as well as donors and sponsors, to
> help with the organization of the competition and contribute to the contest
> prize fund.
> More information in Ukrainian:ВЛЗ
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> Best regards,
> Yevhen Buket, WM UA
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