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FYI. I do recollect there being a thread where many of us gave suggestions on what videos we should have, especially for outreach in Indian languages. It would be great if we could propose them here and someone can pick them up to make a video.




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Subject: [Wmfcc-l] Professional Video Production & Village Pump Proposal
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 17:35:25 -0800
From: Victor Grigas <>
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Hello everyone on ComCom,
Last year (2012) along with the fundraising team and a few contractors we interviewed 100 Wikipedians at Wikimania which resulted in an awareness campaign launched in US, UK, NZ, AU & CA:
Almost all the feedback was positive, and we learned alot. (thank you again to those on this list who were in it)
This year (2013) I'm aiming to make (and help others to make) a 2 minute video that hopefully 'goes viral' and makes the world laugh, cry and learn all about Wikipedia. In order to do that I'm going to be engaging and collaborating with professional producers from all around the world and producing many videos that cover a wide range of content and style.
Here is an example:
Right now we have a small test running for the Valentine's Day holiday which went out in an email to several thousand U.S.-only donors:
Sadly, we have only so much of a budget to work with. Videos can be expensive to produce and I am but one lone dude and I don't scale. 
So I'm looking for professional film/video/creative volunteers to help:
If you know any video agencies or individual producers, camera operators, motion graphics artists, et cetera who like Wikipedia enough to be willing to donate their services to promote and inform the world about Wikipedia, please connect me with them.
Also, since Wikipedia is open and collaborative, I thought that video collaboration should also be left open to the community, so I just wrote this on the Village Pump Idea Lab:

It is a proposal to create a forum where anyone can propose ideas that should be made into video. Those ideas can be polished and then a producer who is willing to volunteer (Wikipedian or otherwise) can read through scripts and produce the content they want to.
This forum would serve video production on Wikipedia generally, not just for the work that i'm doing.

Thanks for reading & I'd be happy to know your thoughts.

Victor Grigas
Wikimedia Foundation
+1 (415) 839-6885 x 6773
149 New Montgomery Street 6th floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
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