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The following are the minutes of the meeting:

*In Attendance: *
Mr. Vishnu  - CIS A2K Programme Director
Mr. Abhijith Jayanthi
Mr. Rahimanuddin Shaik
Dr. Rajasekhar
Mr. Tausif
Mr. Sai Anudeep
Ms. Akhila Thumma
Mr. Veera Venkata Chowdary (User: Veevan)

*Minutes of Meeting:*

(1) The meeting opened with a round of introductions about self and then
Mr. Vishnu introduced CIS and A2K Programme - little history and  his
proposed ideas for shaping up the future course of the Programme and open
up for discussions. The summary of the presentation and
comments/suggestions that followed as indicated below:

(1) Greater Coordination is envisaged between CIS/ India Chapter + SIGs and
the Wiki Community at large

(2) Volunteering efforts of Wiki Community (snow balls) and the engagement
needs to be better utilized with the support of CIS (positioning the start
point for the snow ball to start rolling) so that impact is better

 Two approaches to volunteer engagement were suggested - merits/demerits
need to be evaluated and are indicated below

(a) Recognition in terms of participation certificates/ appreciation
letters   and setting an hierarchy of achievement will motivate the
volunteers and engage them better.

(b) Wiki Volunteering should stem out of passion for knowledge and should
be structured on a ''No - Expectations-in-Return" Model

(3) Mr. Vishnu gave an update on the institutions in Hyderabad that he is
trying to connect with (initial level)

(4) Few proposals were discussed as part of the initiative:

(a) Engaging on a Mobile Model for Wiki Academies: With volunteers and SIGs
taking active role in engaging on a small-groups/local setup structures -
making Wiki Academy a more sustained dialogue rather than touch and go
activity (one day engagements); move towards a longer engagement pattern

(b) WikiRTI#: A platform/initiative was discussed and received support from
everyone present - to create a repository for anyone to upload RTI
responses and thus move towards a general archive/knowledge bank schematic.

# Mr. Tausif and Mr. Abhijith will be coordinating on creating a template
design for this platform - anyone who is interested and wants to be part of
this activity may contact Mr. Abhijith at abhij...@wikimedia.in

(5) Mr. Vishnu proposed a tentative plan to engage a staff member based out
of Hyderabad to roll-out activities in Hyderabad and around the state of
Andhra Pradesh; proposal for which is expected to be discussed before
taking forward. Mr. Abhijith expressed interest to make a necessary
donation for the same post finalization

The meeting concluded with all the participants seeking to have a greater
engagement with A2K Team in Hyderabad involving various languages.

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