Hello Anirudh & All the members of the India mailing list,

Some questions I wish to ask in general to all my fellow followers in India
& worldwide, please do not mind since being a new member to
this committee I may miss out on the background!

May I ask about who is the moderator over this mailing list?
And for what reasons is this action is taken on the Indian Mailing list?
Is this moderation known to other lists as well??
Are the other mailing lists/authorities notified about it??

Plus who gives this authority to the moderator to moderate a certain
mailing list??
Is there any selection process or criteria??
If yes can we all know about it.
And does the current moderator underwent the same criteria or selection

Its supposed to be an open talk rite?
What if its like the moderator wants to discuss issues what he wants to and
rest is discarded??
This can happen right??

So next, is there any panel which keeps a check on the moderators??
If yes, can we all know about it also??
And the process through which every moderator is selected?? (eligibility
precisely speaking of)

If not, can we assume that the moderators claim the ownership on this
mailing list??

plus one last query, this mail, will it be moderated too??
if yes can you let us know to whom I can ask for a clarification over the
moderation of this mail.

Waiting for your quick response,

Regards & Thanks,

Niraj Suryawanshi <http://www.facebook.com/niraj12>
Pune Institute of Computer Technology | Wikipedia Club
8149920120 | niraj.suryawan...@gmail.com

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> Hi all, from now on, all emails sent by new subscribers to this
> mailing list will be held for moderator approval.
> thanks,
> Anirudh
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Regards & Thanks, 

Niraj N. Suryawanshi
Pune Institute of Computer Technology | Wikipedia Club Pune
+91 814 992 0120 | niraj.suryawan...@gmail.com
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