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> Today, we had the Mumbai event of Creative Commons. They are in India in
> February visiting Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore.
> We had a turnout of about 30-40 people today in Mumbai. We met at the
> Victor Menzes Conference Center at IIT-Bombay.
> We began with a brief on Creative Commons in India, a brief idea on the
> various Creative Commons license and why to use it.
> We covered extensive ground especially on areas that the Creative Commons
> is now being applied in - Culture, Education, Government and Science.
> All in all, a good day with many Wikipedians in Mumbai turning up. Thank
> you for coming.
> Our thanks to Prof. Shishir Jha of IIT-Bombay for help with getting the
> venue. We'd like to thank Jessica Coates and Jane Hornibrook of Creative
> Commons for spending time talking to us. They also expressed hope that they
> would be able to revive CC-India and an associated mailing list.
> warm regards,
> Pradeep Mohandas
> Pradeep Mohandas
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