Dear Pradeep,

Thank you for your wishes. We are indeed happy to have Pavanaja join the
CIS-A2K team.

> I was just curious to know if there was an ad for recruitment for this
> post on the list for this position or not. I could not find the ad herein.
> If someone who has a link to that post, please share.
> Thanks for pointing this out, Pradeep. I have checked CIS Archives. This
announcement was sent out in the CIS main Bulletin to various mailing lists
in January 2013. Here is the link .
Unfortunately, we have missed posting this on the WMI mailing list. Sincere
apologies for this mistake. We will ensure that this does not get repeated
in the future. As a step in this direction, will alert CIS's Publication
Manager (who puts together all the newsletters and Bulletins) to post all
such information on the WMI list without fail.

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