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> When at the workshop, the girls began to create articles on Wiki, *male
> editors were quick to pull them down*. “This can be intimidating for
> anyone, and more so for girls.” Instead of spending the time creating a
> template to delete, she wishes her male friends would just “be more
> supportive” and encourage those who step in to what is surely a
> male-dominated world of code.

I don't understand how pages getting deleted quickly has anything to do
with the gender of the editor.  Yes, it's more likely that articles related
to Kate Middleton's ward-robe are likely to get deleted faster than
articles on esoteric distros of Linux (an example Jimmy gave earlier) but I
don't see how the above assertions make any sense.  It displays
misunderstanding of the problem related to gender-gap (no, it's not
Wikimedia-specific) and shows our projects in a bad light.

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