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> How long a haul this could be? Asking out of curiosity.

Of course, this depends upon the amount of synergy we put in. In terms of
computing technology, this should not be a problem at all. But someone will
have to conceive and design a basic framework and engine (like an
MVC<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MVC_model>model) that can be used
with a common back end repository for contents in
all languages. There shall be 100% accurate and lossless reversible
script-to-script translation maps working on real time (at the instances of
inputting and rendering).

Some possible obstacles, as it occurs to me:

1. Increased server/browser load due to the additional processing

2. Incompatibilities and non-uniqueness between scripts. (For eg: Some
languages have letters / phonemes that are not available in some other
languages, [eg.  ഴ (a sound/letter in Malayalam)( ಳ / ழ/ ళ)
3. Availability of enough multi-lingual experts to verify the quality of
such translations

4. Implementation of long-term standards and version control.

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