This is a difficult question! But let me share a few preliminary thoughts.

I have helped to host a couple of digital literacy workshops (including
Wikipedia editing) and will be planning more in at least five languages.
Some learnings from work already done:

--Student interest/motivation relates to the relevance of the material they
are producing (relevance: to a better grasp of their curriculum, to topics
that connect to their daily lives - as students, as young people)

--They do get excited by the idea that they can contribute to assembling
knowledge on a platform that makes it so widely available

--Motivation is high when entries come out of research projects they have
undertaken either as part of college work or as part of co-curricular

--Using wikipedia editing as part of a more general research training
programme is also helpful

My colleagues and I have worked with students in remote colleges whose
primary language is not English. These students are more interested in
contributing material in Indian languages than those who have been educated
mainly in English medium. Since they hear so much about how they cannot be
socially mobile because they don't know English well, they do feel
encouraged and validated when they are able to communicate the work they
have done in a language they are comfortable with.

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> You mention "Creation of Indian language materials by students could also
> be an invaluable resource; this could include Wikipedia entries,
> audiovisual resources, and compilations of material on peer-to-peer
> learning platforms." - I would like to know your thoughts about what around
> the motivations/incentives that would facilitate the creation of new
> content in Indian languages by students.
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