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I think there might be people here interested. Tom

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Dear friends,
Have you registered 
<>  yet for next 
week's Online Learning Day, on 17 April? No matter where you are located, we 
would like to invite you to join our morning online debate. If you are based in 
Geneva, you can also come to our evening get-together at Diplo's office.

Online Learning Day is part of the Geneva E-diplomacy Platform 
<>  and aims to facilitate an informed 
discussion on online learning and to encourage an exchange of views and 
experience among providers of online learning solutions.

In preparation, we invite you to try out our short quiz 
<>  to test your knowledge of 
online learning, and to complete a short online poll 
<>  to help us narrow down the 
debate themes for the morning session.
What to expect:

The morning session (10.00 - 12.00 CET) will take place online and will feature 
debates on current trends in online learning, including: 
* opportunities and limitations of massive open online courses (MOOCs)
* social media tools to enrich online learning
* teaching practical topics (protocol, negotiations) effectively online

The evening session will be an informal meet-up style gathering at Diplo's 
office in Geneva (18.00 - 20.00 <tel:20.00>  at 56, Rue de Lausanne), with 
refreshments. Geneva-based providers of online learning will briefly present 
their training programmes, and participants will have the opportunity to 
discuss and ask questions in an informal setting. We will also hear directly 
from participants who have attended some Geneva-based online learning courses.

This event is intended for anyone interested in online learning in the domain 
of diplomacy, international relations and global policy processes.

For more information and to register visit:, or contact our colleague 
Tereza Horejsova at <> . 
(Note: Registration is required!

Stephanie Borg Psaila
DiploFoundation <> 

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