Dear Friends,
Greetings on behalf of the Free Software Movement of India.

Free Software Movement of India (FSMI) is a national coalition of
various regional and sectoral free software movements operating in
different parts of India.  The formation of FSMI was announced in the
valedictory function of the National Free Software Conference - 2010
held in Bangalore during 20–21 March 2010.  To know more about FSMI
please see [1][2]

FSMI has been a coordinating platform in promoting the culture of free
knowledge, free culture, free speech and free society through the use
and development of free software, free hardware and free bandwidth in
India.  In order to build a strong free software movement in
Maharashtra we are trying to create a 'Free Software Movement
Maharashtra ' to promote the ideas of a free society via freedom in
the digital realm and in this regard a preparatory meeting is being

We request you to kindly participate in this meeting and help build
the movement in Maharashtra .

Preparatory meeting to organise a Free Software Movement Maharashtra
Venue: IIT Bombay campus, Powai, Mumbai.
Date: May 4th Saturday 2013
Time: 4pm - 6pm

Contact: Vikram Vincent: 09969249984

With warm wishes,
Vikram Vincent
Member, General Council,
Free Software Movement India(FSMI)

[3] For more details on the concept of 'free as in freedom' software

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