Dear Ravi,

Thank you for sharing this very useful update. When I tried meeting some of
the active Tamil Wikipedians, I pleasantly realized that many are in
Srilanka and the Tamil diaspora. It was in fact a learning for me and quite
contrary to my presumptions about Tamil Wiki Community.

Could I encourage you or someone from Tamil Wiki Community to write a blog
post about the Tamil Wiki Community? How it has grown over the last 3
years, what are the modes of community interactions, geo mapping of the
community, the community's experience in getting new editors, etc. Also a
brief profile of some active editors with photo (like the way some of the
Tamil Wikimedians are showcased). Please excuse my ignirance if it is
already done. If so please point to that and I would enjoy reading about
the community in English.


On Wednesday, 8 May 2013, Yohann Thomas <> wrote:
> Excellent news!!
> All the best.
> Looking forward to more such activities related to Tamil Wikipedia.
> Yohann Thomas
> Wikipedia Club Pune
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