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> We had several applicants to Google Summer of Code this year who come
> from India, so I asked them to also please join this list to keep up
> with the Wikimedia community in India.  Hello to users Grv99, Prageck,
> Rtdwivedi, Rahul21, Nilesh.c, Puneet kaur, and anyone else who has
> joined. :-)
> The Indian Wikimedia community is eager to share knowledge, host
> technical events, and generally improve the sites and their content.
> These new contributors are interested in helping specifically with the
> tech side, so if you'd like to ask them for help with something, now is
> a good time!  (Except that many of them have exams.) :)
> Thanks for joining the Wikimedia community!

Hello to all,

Thankyou for this warm welcome, Sumana :)

I am glad to announce, my exams are over now (finally! :P). I am all free
nowadays, except some GSoC homework. So yes, you can add me (
on CC of any bug you would like to have fixed. I will try my best to debug
fix it as soon as possible. Or if there's anything else, you think I can
help in,
please do let me know.

PS: though Grv99 is not that bad, I would love to be called Gaurav instead

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