Harsh wrote:

> Hopefully you all have subscribed mediawiki-india list. Since we all are
> technical contributors. We can fix the bugs of local wikis like gu wiki, hi
> wiki etc. We can localize and port some gadgets on local wikis as well.
> Also can develop some new feature that particular community wants. We can
> also start some regular activity to boost technical community across India.
> How we can grow technical community? Ideas are welcomed. Since we all are
> from different states. It is very useful to grow technical activities
> across India as well as to find new contributors.

Here are some tutorials that coders could teach:


Here are some instructions regarding documenting, localising and porting
templates and gadgets:



According to Arjuna Rao Chavala,
it's really helpful to smaller Wikipedias to help them adopt tools like
HotCat and Twinkle and bots.  So that's something Indian technical
contributors could work on.

I have a suggestion:

And whatever languages you feel comfortable with, try making some small
improvements to a few pages for wikis in those languages -- Tamil
Wiktionary, Kannada Wikisource, Hindi Wikiquote, Bengali Wikipedia, and
so on.  And then look at the wiki's village pump, watering hole,
scriptorium, or other community discussion forum.  It's always nice to
have a bit of direct experience and observation.
Sumana Harihareswara
Engineering Community Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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