Why there was no consensus made to schedule a suitable time for the IRC?
And it was informed just before one day! and there was no reminder.

And even if you think you have responded to the questions/feedback during
IRC, please respond to the questions at meta also. I think this is a
primary responsibility to respond, specifically when you ask for feedback.

>From the chat log, it looks like many except few don't know how to mention
users while chatting. Just type the first letter of the nick and press tab
button, the rest 'd be typed automatically.

E.g. if there is someone online with the nick "subas", just *type 's'
*and*press 'tab'
*. if there are two nicks start with s, then use more letter. Say another
nick available srikant, then *type 'sr', *and* press 'tab'*. And there are
even more usable tricks, and commands available at IRC to use it more

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