Bala and I received a request a few days ago from Tim Seal of the Open
University (UK), with whom we have been in touch in the last few months
regarding open licensing of content and donation to Wikisource etc. among
other matters.

Tim requested us if we could help with translation of the Paris OER
declaration, which is currently not available in any Indian Language. Would
appreciate if community members could take this up. In case your
interested, please contact Bala or myself offlist.

Excerpt from email:


Volunteers for translating the Paris OER Declaration

The Paris OER Declaration, adopted in 2012 during the World OER Congress,
is now available in 10 languages:
In order to make the document accessible to the largest number, we are
looking for volunteers to translate it into other languages. They are all
accepted, so if you want to translate it into your language that would be a
great opportunity to contribute to the awareness of OER.

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