As some of you may be aware, I was in London for GLAM-Wiki which was held
at the British Library a couple of months ago. This gave me the chance to
interact with several members/trustees etc at Wikimedia UK. One of the
discussions we had was getting images from the India Office Records onto
Wikimedia Commons. These images are rare insights into our country in the
19th and 20th century. Andrew Gray, formerly Wikipedian in Residence at the
British Library agreed to help.

Andrew has managed to get a few collections onto Commons in the last couple
of months. A couple of days ago he emailed me, suggesting it may be easier
for him to push for further collections to be shared (there are thousands
of images, the process would take years to get everything) should we
showcase use of images already donated on various Wikis.

Requesting community members to share this far and wide and to help add the
images onto relevant articles.

Excerpt from Andrew's email:


One thing that would be good is being able to show the material we've
got so far is reaching a new audience - not just in en.wp, but in
hi.wp, bn.wp, etc. Any chance you could see if we can get some more of
these used on Indic-language projects?


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