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> Please see the attached document. This is what Abhinav had in mind. We'll try 
> and work on this and formalize it when we have the Porgramme Officer, for 
> Pilot Programmes onboard; who'll be responsible for executing pilots like 
> these.

Thank you, Nitika.

"It will consist of a group of 3-4 UG and/or PG student who will
contribute to the Indian content on Wikipedia & Wikimedia sister
project. The steps include outreach programs on “How to contribute to
Wikipedia?” & will spread information about “Wikimedia and its
projects”. This program is going to be based on Group activity. The
plan is to create Wiki community within an Educational Institute."

I understand that in order to get buy-in from the institute around
this initiative there is a need to specifically mention the academic
levels which would be involved. But truly, what is required is a
degree of competence and consistent contributions from the
participants to be able to generate a positive outcome from this

Is there a way that topics like "How to begin thinking about making
your first page on Wikipedia?" or, "How Wikipedia communities work?"
be captured as a talk so as to achieve some form of consistency.
Language communities can help provide the closed captions if the talk
is intended to be made available in as many Indian languages as
possible. It would also mean that "Record one video in their native
language on “How to edit on Wikipedia?” and share it on YouTube and
social networking sites." has a standard base-line to work from.

The outcome (or, results?) section states

"Renewed Contribution to Wikipedia.
Increase in Wikipedia & related workshops all over India
Increase in Strength of overall Indian Community."

Perhaps these need to be articulated a bit more with specifics.
Additionally, the current form of the plan does not mitigate the risks
that were observed in the IEP/Pune_Effort. Most importantly, it
currently does not indicate how the existing Wikipedian community will
be participating in each of the initiatives/pilots and, be invested in
ensuring success.

I am assuming that this is perhaps the first draft from Abhinav. I'll
wait till there is a formal draft being put forth for feedback.


sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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