Hi all,

After last year, I was thrilled to see the huge participation of Indian
people in Wiki Loves Monuments! The huge amount of pictures and new users
(from the top of my head, more than 2000 participants from India alone,
ranking it with distance above all other countries) was unique, but also
was the huge enthusiasm of those people. It clearly showed how proud
Indians are of their cultural heritage. Of course this was perhaps best
illustrated by having 2 (!) Indian pictures in the top-10 of the world best
monument photos.

For 2013, I hope that there will be another Indian contest, but that
doesn't happen all by itself, for that your help is needed. Arnav and
Karthik have requested your help (I'm not sure if you've seen it though),
and I think that without some help, it would be very hard to organize the
contest. I'm not 100% sure if the board of Wikimedia India has already
committed itself to organizing the contest (and making available the
necessary budget for prizes etc), but I'm confident that if there is enough
enthusiasm, that will not be a big issue.

So what do you say? Are you willing to help out organizing the Wiki Loves
Monuments photo competition in 2013? Worl that needs to be done includes
on-wiki work (tidying up the monument lists, adding information such as
coordinates, categorizing and checking images as they come in etc - quite
boring but you can do it whenever and where ever you like) but also a bit
more organizational: setting procedures for judging, helping find suitable
jury members, sponsors, translating the website and interfaces, doing some
PR for the contest, finding government and NGO-partners for the contest in
India etc.

You have a wonderful base to work from, I sincerely hope some volunteers
will pick up the challenge and beat last year's contribution!

Looking forward to many more Taj Mahal pictures,

Lodewijk Gelauff (member of the international coordinating team)

2013/6/6 Arnav Sonara <sonara.ar...@gmail.com>

> Hey,
> After (virtually) helping Karthik in WLM 2012 and seeing other countries
> expressing their interest to participate in WLM '13, I request Indian
> Community interested in helping organize WLM '13 to start planning and
> discussions for the same.
> If anyone is interested to help, please get in touch with Karthik or me so
> that we can start planning for India's successful participation in WLM '13.
> Thanks.
> --
> Thanks
> Arnav (ricku).
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