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>Subject: FUEL GILT Conference 2013 - Call for Papers
>Hi All,
>First of all I would like to thank the entire FUEL Project community for their 
>greater contributions to the success of the initiative we started five years 
>ago. With the help of community volunteers and organizations we have achieved 
>remarkable milestones through our journey till date.
>Building the language standards in the open source and making it freely 
>available in the open domain is one of our motto behind starting FUEL Project. 
>Our objective is to establish a common and universal platform to support 
>continued development and adherence of GILT standards by building the 
>consensus for it's development, establishment and promotion with the help of 
>community and organizations working towards the aim of democratization of 
>content and wider awareness and acceptance of these standards.
>The FUEL GILT Conference 2013 is being organized by Red Hat and C-DAC GIST. In 
>this conference we are gathering industry localization experts, linguists, 
>internationalization engineers, testing professionals working towards language 
>Participants would get a chance to network all the localization experts 
>working in the industry as well as able to grab more opportunities available 
>in this domain. There would be learning for the beginner localizers as well.
>Keeping these objectives in mind we have identified following tracks for the 
>    1. Globalization, Language and Translations (Something that showcase the 
>importance of language, culture, it's role in the modern life, etc.)
>    2. Standards: Linguistic resource (work towards Terminology, Glossary, 
>Dictionary, Style Guide, Unicode, CLDR, FUEL Modules, Script Grammar, etc 
>would lead into this category of development.)
>    3. Tools & Technologies (An effort in the direction of development of 
>translation management systems, Rendering Systems, Quality Assessment tools, 
>Fonts, Input Methods, etc. would lead into this category.)
>    4. Localization in FOSS (The volunteer localization efforts in the FOSS 
>world, how they contribute, what they contribute, etc would fall in this 
>    5. Open Track (Anything related to GILT and relevant matter could also be 
>considered provided we get a space to allocate you a slot.)
>For more details about the conference, its venue, registration and paper 
>submission please visit here: 
>Please feel free to write to us if you need any information regarding the 
>Rajesh Ranjan
>FUEL GILT Conference 2013
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