It presently reads:

He is alleged to plant his staunch supporters as RAW and IB chiefs. He grew
infamous when he wanted to sack the then RAW chiefC. D.
He began systematically undermining Sahay; he planted his own man, Hormis
Tharakan <>, former Kerala
police chief who was occasionally deputed to RAW, as Sahay’s eventual
successor. The then NSA, J. N.
countered that Narayanan himself had not been sacked when Rajiv Gandhi was
assassinated (Narayanan was the IB chief), and that no intelligence heads
rolled after the Kargil intrusions were

He presided over a post-Rabindra Singh(a RAW joint secretary suspected of
being a double agent, defected in 2004. Singh was handing RAW secrets over
to the USA, to where he fled from Kathmandu via Vienna once he was
discovered) defection enquiry that has not damaged a single officer’s
career; in some cases, the opposite has
Bhushan Tomar, the last man to see Rabindra Singh after the latter’s car
was searched as he left RAW HQ in Delhi on April 19, 2004. Tomar, suspect
colleagues, tipped Singh off that he was under RAW surveillance, enabling
the double agent to evade his stake-out and escaped and Tomar is now posted
in New 

On 24th Jan 2010 he became the governor of West Bengal. He took over
from Gopalkrishna
Gandhi <> who had a few
disagreements with the CPM-ruled West Bengal on critical issues like
violence in Nandigram and Singur. He was awarded with the Gusi Peace

Narayanan offered to resign on 30 November 2008 over the attacks in Mumbai
that killed nearly 200 people, but his resignation was not accepted by
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh <>.
He experienced heavy criticism after the Mumbai terrorist attacks due to
his preoccupation with Sri Lanka and the
instead of what others considered to be India's chief threat, Kashmiri
insurgents and Pakistan.[*citation

According to the Outlook magazine, Narayanan asked investigative agencies
to go slow when they zeroed-in on Hindutva organizations for Samjhauta
Express bombings<>
2007.[8] <>

That is not so different from what was depicted in the IE article. The page
is marked 'check for neutrality'. It looks like some hasty and a little
slipshod editing has recently taken place. I haven't checked, but maybe the
changes were made on 13 July, as the previous changes go back to 2012, and
seem to be administrative in nature.

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