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>> Hi,
>> 2013/7/26 Karthik Nadar <karthik...@wikimedia.in>
>>> Dear Wikimedians,
>>> thanking the Wikimedia Foundation for deploying Wikipedia Zero in India
>>> in association with Aircel, I was surprised to see that
>>>    - #IWikiWhen <https://twitter.com/search?q=%23IWikiWhen&src=tren> was
>>>    trending in Twitter India and Mumbai trend-lists.
>>> That is because Aircel India is running a contest asking their fans for
>>> the "reason they wiki", and I can see that it has actually worked. They are
>>> giving away HTC One X Phone.[1] Would request everyone to take this up and
>>> tweet about Wikipedia (you can also participate :D)!! People will be
>>> looking at the trending hashtags! :D
>>>    1. https://twitter.com/Aircel/status/360361785104166912
>>> Nice promotion from Aircel.
>> It was surprise for me also. I wish the interaction between WMF and
>> Chapter can be improved so that more chapter members and community can
>> support India initiatives better.
> Hi Arunja,
> We're glad to see this promotion from Airtel as well. They ran a few
> marketing ideas by us before the launch but we weren't aware of this one in
> advance; we found out the same time as everyone else. We don't have the
> available staff to work with Airtel on these promotions so we rely on them,
> as we do with other partners, to run many of them at their own discretion.
> I also believe it would be great if WMF could coordinate with the chapters
> more but we'll need additional resources to do so. It's definitely worth
> talking about...

Thanks for your response.

BTW, I posted a blog in
Telugu <http://teluginux.blogspot.in/2013/07/blog-post.html> about free
Wikipedia through Aircel and Airtel with info for Indian language users.

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