Dear friends,

A discussion on various aspects of the A2K "Work plan April 2013 -
June 2014/Pilot Project – Performing Arts in India" is underway on

The specific threads are :-
* Timeline and focus  (initiated by Arjuna Rao Chawala)
* Rationale of choosing "Performing Arts" as the topic for the Pilot
Project  (initiated by Shyamal)
* Nature and form of deliverables of the Pilot Project, ( (initiated by AshLIn)

Other aspects under discussion at present in the these threads include :-
* Integration of Community in the Pilot Project,
* How should the planning process proceed,

May I request that comments, points of view, suggestions and
importanltly offers of participation, be made on the talk page wiki &
NOT in response to this email. We want the discussion on these issues
concentrated there for convenience of all.

Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur

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