Dear Rohini and others writing in on this thread,
I've been following the discussion about BNHS with great interest. I think
it's a really worthwhile pilot to have attempted, and I would like to be
optimistic about the outcome even with regard to the partnership. I spoke
to a senior professor at IISc who has spent a lot of time at the BNHS. He
is happy to speak to the Director of BNHS if that helps forge a partnership
with Wikipedia. From the Bangalore end, I'd be glad to coordinate this
conversation. Please let me know how I can help.


On 10 August 2013 18:14, Ashwin Baindur <> wrote:

> Hi Rohini,
> Let me again congratulate you on tour dedication, grit and perseverance
> and let me also congratulate the Wikipedians who encouraged you!
> If BNHS is still considering what you did, perhaps there is scope to give
> a more befitting ending to the pilot. I would recommend two more actions.
> * BNHS had committed to donate some photos to Commons. If you could get
> some good photographer to take a few good images from their collection,
> preferably of rare or extinct fauna in their collections, that would be a
> token reciprocation and the transaction would be two way. It would also
> enhance their online image in Wikipedia articles.
> * The other is that you could address the staff and tell them about
> Wikipedia, its aims and its principles and how these need not necessarily
> threaten BNHS traditional copyright interests. This would give an
> additional aspect to the pilot project. You ,may like to give handouts too!
> I'm sure Wikimedia India Chapter would defray your small expenses of
> photocopying.
> Even if these don't materialise, you have done a sterling job in an
> immensely hard field, GLAM and for that I award you the Indian Star of
> National Merit on your talk page on behalf all Wikipedians.
> Ashwin Baindur
> On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 12:45 PM, Rohini Lakshané <
>> wrote:
>> Hi Srikanth,
>> While my work on the pilot project is over, the BNHS is still taking a
>> look at it. The BNHS is yet to convey its decision about forming a
>> partnership with the Wikimedia community. I shall soon write at length
>> about transferable lessons and experiences from the pilot project and I
>> hope to be able to address the points Ashwin and Vickram have raised above.
>> Regards,
>> Rohini
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> Warm regards,
> Ashwin Baindur
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