Just to take off on Ashwin's suggestion. IISc which as an organization was
the first in the country to have an Intranet and Internet long before most
others had heard of email has perhaps done reasonably well with Wikipedia
contribution even if it has been in a small and quiet way with editors here
and there. For a while I tried to keep an eye on the key science orgs in
Bangalore and their contributions (unfortunately I could only work on the
anonymous IP edits) and it was quite clear that there was no inability to
contribute on the technical front. I suspect however that few really
contributed in a substantial way - although I know of exceptions, like
User:ABhadra (a student of Prof R. Gadagkar who produced a fairly
substantial review of Ropalidia marginata, their research subject). These
institutional IPs however change but I think it is quite interesting to see
how the edits relate or not relate to their academic interests.
Surprisingly even within these academic islands, there is a lot of
parochial and self-identity related contributions - things to do with caste
for instance. Perhaps someone could consider a project with the WMF to
analyze (properly anonymized) data on edits from within Indian academia to
make a more meaningful survey of our potential "expert" editors. For a
taste of how these edits can look like you can see an old set of IPs and
their contributions

best wishes

> ------------------------------
> Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 12:25:42 +0530
> From: Ashwin Baindur
> Hi Tejaswini,
> perhaps its time for a pilot with a more receptive organisation in
> Bangalore? Which organisation is your professor in? IISc?
> Ashwin
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