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> This is excellent!! Many congratulations for all those behind this. I am
> very sure that this will trigger other players too and will push the Open
> Knowledge movement, particularly OER, in India.
> Kudos to WMI Chapter, Pranav, Savithri and others who made this happen. I
> see this as an important sign of maturing Wikimedia movement in India.
> Congratulations again! This definitely needs celebration!!

not yet :-) , this is something i wrote to jdciet.ncert at nic.in .

    i was checking our your site http://nroer.in liked the concept
hopefully would be contributing to it in near future. at this point the
only anomaly i noticed was the site has documents in .docx extension ,
which is not a true open format , can you try saving the documents in ODF
format while saving in Microsoft office .

Once again thanks and keep up the good work!  "

hopefully they read it and pass it on  the idea to quote here is if
 implementers or someone from the team on this list
who can take care of this , this projects will need more help , i am a game
provided i get to touch base with team/people on the ground .

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